Hello world!

It’s that time again – time for me to start a new blog.

I do this when I feel I have reached a turning point in my life.  In this case it isn’t something tangible, like having a baby or moving to a small town. It’s more about an attitude shift, making positive changes to the way I do things. I’m hoping that a new blog will help reinforce the mental image of a fresh start.

In addition, blogging is no longer as big a priority for me as it once was. I’m taking on new hobbies that satisfy my need for personal fulfillment, leaving less time for writing. Maintaining more than one blog has become too much for me, and I’m not as interested in creating and maintaining an online community devoted to a particular subject. Now I just want a place where I can record my thoughts and engage in the kind of verbal processing that helps me work things out in my mind. This blog will be more personal than my previous ones.

All this is to say that here I will cover a mish-mash of topics that may or may not be of any interest to anybody. But at the very least it will be a way to share with friends and acquaintances the things that are going on for me in this wonderful journey we call Life.


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