Math Progress

We use an online Math curriculum called Dreambox Learning. Here are some of the things the Little Guy has been working on recently.

In the Forest Maze game the learner has to move the elf through the maze to the exit door by selecting cards to change direction and move around the board. The image below shows the lowest level. As the kids move up through the ten levels they can use 3 cards per move, they become limited in the number of moves they are allowed to use, there are mushrooms to collect before reaching the door, and there are obstacles to avoid such as a moving Troll. This exercise falls under “Problem Solving” and is considered an elementary introduction to programming. He has finished all 10 levels now for this game.

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 7.35.28 PM

Another lesson is called “find the missing addend”. The program presents the learner with a ten-square containing some number of blue beads. The learner is told to make a certain number, must fill in the ten-square with green beads to do so, and then show how many green beads were added. In the example shown below, the learner was instructed to make 10. He finds this exercise very easy, but it’s good practice to familiarize him with this particular tool (the program uses many such tools to teach numerical concepts).

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 7.37.40 PM

I’ll be honest: he doesn’t like doing this work. But it’s good for him, and he is rewarded by getting one-on-one play time with Mama when he is done. For our last session we played a game of Mario Party 8, a video board game.



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